Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management

The Wildlife Hazard Management Plan guides the airport to reduce the potential for bird and wildlife strikes while maintaining a suitable environment for both people and wildlife.

Parafield Airport Limited takes a proactive and ongoing risk management approach to ensure best practice in wildlife risk management.  This involves managing wildlife within the airport boundary and in identified risk areas off airport.

To enhance our wildlife risk management program, Parafield Airport Limited has approached off-airport planning agencies to develop a coordinated approach to wildlife risk management. In consultation with South Australian Government Agencies and local Councils, Parafield Airport Limited has developed Wildlife Risk Management Zones, highlighting off airport land uses within a 3km radius of the airfields that might present a higher risk of attracting wildlife, especially birds. The aim of this tool is to aid collaborative management of wildlife risks between PAL and neighbouring land managers. This initiative was endorsed by the South Australian Government, who have incorporated a ‘Building Near Airfields’ policy module which councils must address when revising their local development plans under the Better Development Plan Program.

Download the Wildlife Risk Management Zone brochure for Parafield Airport.


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