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Parafield Airport Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Adelaide Airport Limited, which purchased the operating leases for Adelaide and Parafield Airports in May 1998, to operate both airports for the next 50 years with an option for a further 49 years.

It is South Australia’s premier general aviation airport and is a major world standard international training airport.

Adelaide Airport is currently the fourth-largest domestic airport and sixth-largest international airport in Australia. It is the aviation gateway to South Australia and processes more than eight million passengers annually.

Customer service – critical to our success – will be provided at the highest levels to our community and stakeholders.

Our people will be continuously developed to provide them with the requisite skills and experience to perform their duties efficiently.

The environment, safety and security remain paramount.

Our Vision

To be a top tier Airport Business in Asia Pacific, recognised for delivering exceptional outcomes to our customers, partners, shareholders and community.

Our Values

I    Conduct ourselves with INTEGRITY
R    Be RESPONSIVE, efficient and RESPECTFUL
P    Take PRIDE in our achievements
O    Be OPEN and friendly and encourage diversity
R    Build RELATIONSHIPS based on trust
T    Foster great TEAMS

We welcome any queries that you might have about Parafield Airport Limited. Please get in touch with us using the contact details shown here, or by using the enquiry form below.

Parafield Airport Limited

Building 18, Tigermoth Lane,
Parafield Airport,
PO Box 652, Salisbury,
South Australia 5108, Australia

Telephone: +61 8 8307 5700
Facsimile: +61 8 8281 5006
Email: [email protected]

Adelaide Airport Limited

1 James Schofield Drive,
Adelaide Airport,
South Australia 5950,

Telephone: +61 8 8308 9211
Fax: +61 8 8308 9311
Email: [email protected]

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