Master Plan 2012

The 2012 Parafield Airport Master Plan can be downloaded by clicking on the following volume covers:

Airport Master Plan 6.9MB   Volume 2 - Ground Tranpsort Plan 2.5MB                 

    Vol 1: Airport            Vol 2: Ground          Vol 3: Sustainability    Vol 4: Community    Vol 5: Appendices        Vol 5: Appendices
    Master Plan             Transport Plan                   Plan                               Plan                            Part A                            Part B-J
         6.9MB                         2.5MB                         1.7MB                               1MB                          11.3MB                            4.3MB

The Master Plan has been divided into sections to provide manageable file sizes for download, however, if you would like a CD version or a hard copy of the Master Plan please contact us:

Parafield Airport Management Centre
Tigermoth Lane
Parafield Airport

Ph 8307 5700

Email [email protected]

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