Fly Friendly


Fly Friendly Program

Parafield Airport Limited encourages its aviation tenants to adopt a "Fly Friendly Program".  This program is voluntarily entered into by aviation tenants in order to minimise the impact of aircraft operations on the surrounding community.

Operating Procedures:

When safe to do so and/or under direction of Air Traffic Control - the main objectives of the Fly Friendly program are:
  • Climb to operating height as soon as possible
  • Maintain operating height
  • Reduce engine power as soon as possible
  • Follow the promulgated flight paths
  • Avoid residential areas if and where practicable
  • Do not fly wide circuits. Keep as narrow as possible
  • Utlise low powered descent approaches from training area (reduce noise)

Circuit Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday         7am to 11pm
    During weekdays it has been agreed that circuit training will, where possible, cease by 10pm.  However this is subject to operational requirements.
  • Saturday                        7am to 9pm
  • Sunday                          8.30am to 9pm
    Implemented mid 2011, previously 8am.
  • Christmas Day              No circuit training
  • New Years Day             No circuit training
    Implemented mid 2011.
  • Anzac day                      No circuit training before 9am
    Effective from April 2013.
  • Remembrance Day      Agree to Avoid Operations where possible over the Salisbury RSL between 1055 - 1105
    Implemented August 2016

The Fly Friendly Program is periodically reviewed by the Parafield Airport Technical Working Group.

We invite your comment on Fly Friendly.


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