Flying Training

Since the early days prior to and including during World War II, Parafield has been a pilot training airport.  Today the airport is home to world class training organisations and has trained many pilots for the world's best airlines.

Pilot training involves classroom instruction and flight practice which occurs both in the Western Training area over the St Kilda to Dublin coastal area and the circuit for take off, approach and landing.
Soon to be attached will be a diagram of normal circuit activity off each of the runways as Parafield.  The aerodrome has four flight strips consisting of eight runways (one each at opposing direction on each flight strip).  Circuit patterns and activity can vary from the area in the diagram for many reasons, including:
  • Wind strength and direction
  • Type of circuit being flown ie normal, flapless or short take off and landing
  • Need to operate a wider circuit due to large amount of traffic in each circuit
  • Twin engine aircraft are faster and fly wider as a result
  • Weather restrictions
  • Air Traffic Control requirements to ensure safety
Training flights can occur anywhere within the Parafield centre area.
Night circuits only occur on runway 03L/21R and operate to the west.  This is the only lit runway at Parafield.
Saturday, 23 March 2019
Min. 18°C Max. 26°C