Consultative Committee

Parafield Airport Consultative Committee

Parafield Airport Limited (PAL) established the Parafield Airport Consultative Committee (PACC) in May 1998 and introduced an independent chair nine years ago. The Committee provides a quarterly forum for sharing information and resolving issues between stakeholder groups.  Membership includes the airport operator PAL, aviation authorities, state and federal governement and MP’s, local council and their elected representatives as well as other community representatives.  The committee meets four times a year to discuss airport and aviation issues affecting the community, local areas and the state.

PACC Terms of Reference

In February 2011 the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Transport released guidelines for Community Aviation Consultation Groups which the PACC follow. A copy of these guidlines are available here.

Parafield Airport Technical Working Group

In late 2010 a sub-committee, the Parafield Airport Technical Working Group, to the PACC was formed, and is responsible for technical aviation advice to the PACC as well as development of the Fly Friendly program balancing community and aviation industry interests.

Your input

If you would like to have issues tabled at the next PACC meeting please write to:

Parafield Airport Consultative Committee
C/- Parafield Airport Limited
PO Box 652


Email [email protected]

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